Oh Christopher

I've been attempting to avoid all London Fashion Week posts etc partly due to not having time to properly go through them all, partly jealousy that I wasn't there. But a quick glance at Style Bubble has caused major issues.

I need this dress. End of story.

I've come to the conclusion that Christopher Kane is the only designer that I love everything they do without exception and I don't see this changing.


  1. Love that he brings an entirely new theme every season! Leather leather made pretty :) We'll definitely be back, come follow us if you fancy! Have a fab weekend, woop! xxx

  2. Kane does it again! That man is fantastic.

  3. i didnt even like it to begin with, and now i'm pinching myself. it's absolutely genius!

  4. that dress IS amazing, reminds me of these old chinese handbags that have floral embroidery, except they're on silk not leather. so amazing.