great escape day 1

13th-15th May in Brighton has been the Great Escape festival.

Day 1: Japandroids - noisy, messy, off-kilter. Liked them far more than I expected to.

Avi Buffalo - enjoyable but I wasn't amazed. Gain an extra point for the singer being called Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg though

Summer camp - absolutely awful , and then I find out the Jeremy Warmsley lookalike on stage was actually Jeremy Warmsley which made me very sad.

The Ruby Suns - had attempted to see them prior to Japandroids but they made it through one and a bit songs due to technical difficulties. Made up for this by being amazing later on, had everyone dancing, band of the night.

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  1. i really hate that Hong Kong doesn't get any good music festivals ): the music scene here really blows