over the past two months I've been getting increasingly busy having decided to move out of my student house at the end of contract into a flat with my boyfriend, whilst working on my MA dissertation and job hunting.
after two weeks of working until 5am trying to write the 20,000 words they wanted amidst piles of boxes, I finally handed it in last week so have spent the last week and have so spent the last week sleeping and occasionally unpacking.
finally today we get the internet at the new flat (i'm not happy sky not happy at all) and I feel slightly more like a human being again.

so my life now:
am working through the 400 odd posts stacked up google reader
am going to Bath on thursday
am going to Ikea on wednesday for a sofa..and maybe a chair...or a dining table
can finally blog/online shopagain...yay!!
am still waiting for british gas to call me back .. boo!! being an adult is not fun

EDIT - first of the forthcoming changes - the blog is on twitter (here: twitter.com/thisisyourlot)...umm not much there yet but soon

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