if you don't tell my boyfriend then neither will i

i'm beginning to think i have a problem...but then it's a good problem surely? its not like i spend all day eating crisps and downing bottles of wine, shoes never hurt anyone...sprained ankles aside. Went shopping yesterday, spent far too long in h&m then nipped into new look - i do love their footwear department at the moment so many lovely pairs of shoes and boots. anyway these - £30 and leather? couldn't really say no.

on a side note, how come the years when i need a new coat, the shops are full of hideous things, but the years i really, really, don't need another coat, i like nearly everything i see? unfair

please go buy the coats so they stop tempting me!


  1. Wow what a bargain! I'm in love with an asos coat, but really don't need another, am hoping for some spare pennies to magically appear!

  2. I really don't need another coat as well but when I start using the 'but who NEEDS a coat, you might as well wrap up old jeans to keep warm' from Confessions of a Shopahoic movie I end up with wardrobe full of coats... Did you really sprain your ankle? Hope they're better, these pretties won't help you heal though ;) Leather in H&M, omg serious? Disapparating now.

  3. wow, its really worth! happy new year!

  4. Oh those are awesome. Those shoes are most definitely bargainous and classics too! I saw a coat I really want too...but it was a teeny bit too small (boo!!).